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Stories of Redemption

The Impact of the Holocaust on Jewish Evangelism

An Earthshaking Discovery

Testimonies: Iranian Jewish Believers

What Does the Future Hold?

In one sense, there’s really no such thing as “the future”—since the moment we get there, it becomes the present! But when we imagine events that may come to pass and their impact upon us, we feel a little thrill of anticipation and even, if we are honest, some fear. The unknown is unnerving. Would […]

STEPping Out in Faith in New York City Brings Divine Appointments

An amazing thing happens every summer in New York City: Outdoor events such as movies and street fairs begin popping up all over the city, and tourists flock in to see the sights – from Central Park to the Apple Store and more. Vacation season has started, and it is the perfect time to STEP […]

Yankee Great Shares with Jewish People

Last week I showed up at the Yale Club in NYC at a ridiculously early hour, dressed like a perfect businessman for an outreach event titled, “Breakfast with Bobby Richardson.” Our guests and speakers were Bobby Richardson, who won numerous World Series with the Yankees; Brian Doyle, who also won a world series with the […]

The Isaiah 53 Campaign in New York City

Over the summer, Chosen People Ministries launched an unprecedented public outreach campaign in New York City The campaign centered on Isaiah chapter 53, encouraging people to call or go online to get a free book called Isaiah 53 Explained. So far, this campaign has resulted in more contacts with Jewish seekers than we have had […]