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Messiah in the Passover (Sermon)

This is a sermonic style visual demonstration of the Passover Seder (Service) as celebrated by Jesus with his disciples at the Last Supper. It explores the traditional symbolic items and foods of the Passover feast and explains how they are fulfilled in the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus our Passover Lamb. This presentation is suitable for any Sunday, but is especially meaningful with a communion service. (Please book our outreach workers well in advance to avoid disappointment if booking for an Easter service)

Duration: 45min

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Messiah in the Passover (Banquet)

Watch This Presentation (Conducted by Lawrence Hirsch):

The Messiah In The Passover Banquet is a reenactment of the Passover Seder (Service) celebrated in Jewish homes each year. Many elements of today’s Passover Seder date back to biblical times, and would have been celebrated by Jesus at the Last Supper, which was a Passover celebration. The purpose of the Banquet is to demonstrate how God’s redemption of Israel from slavery foreshadows Jesus’ redemption of all humanity from sin and death. The symbols and story of Passover point to our salvation through faith in Jesus our Passover Lamb.

Participants sit down to a meal incorporating symbolic foods and items which are explained and partaken of throughout the Banquet. Our Passover Banquet presentation is typically booked from February to June, and is particularly popular at Easter.

Duration: 2.5hrs