About Our Ministry Presentations

Our Ministry Presentations provide information on our ministry’s work, including Jewish evangelism and outreach.

Sharing about the Ministry of Celebrate Messiah

Celebrate Messiah was founded in 1995 and has been “Bringing the Gospel to the Original Messengers” ever since. Our missionaries will share with your church about the amazing work God is doing amongst Jewish people today. Find out how Celebrate Messiah is reaching out to Jewish people locally, as well as through our outreaches in Israel, New Zealand and Far East Russia.

Duration: 30min

Bringing the Message to the Original Messengers – the Jewish People

Many people ask how they can witness to a Jewish person. This presentation is designed to equip the believer with the biblical principles needed and practical guidance in sharing the Gospel with a Jewish friend. The topics covered by the seminar include Jewish sensitivities to the Gospel, basic “how-to’s” on sharing the Gospel with Jewish people, and how to answer Jewish objections to the Gospel. There is time for questions and answers as well. This is an excellent tool for teaching on evangelism, not just for witnessing to Jewish people.

Duration: 30min

Personal Testimony and Message from the Word

All of our missionaries have a vibrant personal testimony about how we came to know our Messiah and Lord Yeshua (Jesus). We find that believers are inspired, encouraged and deeply moved by hearing how the Lord is reaching out to Jewish people today. In addition to testimonies, each missionary is trained and equipped to deliver a powerful and personal message from the Word.

Duration: 30min