Paul Cohen / Sydney

Paul Cohen

Paul Cohen was born in the Netherlands in 1963. After finishing High School in 1983 he went to live in Israel and spent a brief period in a Yeshiva (Jewish Theological College) in Jerusalem. Paul met his wife Sue in Israel and later immigrated to Australia where Sue had grown up. Sue became a believer in Yeshua (Jesus) in 1984 and was instrumental in Paul becoming a believer in February 1987. In 1992 Paul was elected president of the “Messianic Jewish Alliance of Australia” and later became an officer of the “International Messianic Jewish (Hebrew Christian) Alliance” (1992 – 1994). Over the past ten years, Paul has volunteered and worked in evangelism and teaching for several prominent ministries to the Jewish people. He has a heart to see his people know the love and grace of their true Messiah. He and Sue have two children, three grandsons, a granddaughter, and they all reside on the Central Coast of NSW. He is the teaching elder at Brit Chadashah a Messianic Fellowship in Sydney.

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