Hebrew for Beginners (Part 1)

This course includes:

   8 Play on Demand Video Tutorials

   Unlimited Access & Plays

   Q&A Lecturer Help

   $25 (covers all sessions)

Digital Resources

Workbook Part 1 – Learn Hebrew Letters $24.95

Workbook Part 2: Read Hebrew – $39.95

We recommend students purchase Workbook Part 1 for this course.

Hebrew For Beginners - More Information

The Caulfield Messianic Traning Centre is excited to offer a new course – Hebrew for Beginners!

Upon completion, students will be able to recognise, pronounce, and write the Hebrew letters (know their numerical value) and how to write their own names.

Students will also learn the Shema Prayer, Days of the Week, Hebrew Months of the year, as well as many basic vocabulary words.

The classes will be held on Zoom using the acclaimed “Sarah, David and You Read Hebrew: Part 1 Aleph-Bet Story Workbook” which can be purchased and downloaded here.

The course will be fun and engaging with activities songs and games. It is then hoped that students will desire to continue Hebrew classes and sign up for term 2 using the next set of workbooks in the series.

Hebrew for Beginners

8 Play on Demand Video Tutorials

Unlimited Access & Plays

Q&A Lecturer Help

Cost:  $25

Teacher:     Eleanor Miles

Important Notes

  • Upon purchase, the student will receive access to the course page including all video lessons.
  • Digital Course material needs to be purchased separately.
  • This course was originally taught on Zoom with sessions recorded.

For questions about course content, please email Eleanor Miles:


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If you experience any difficulties enroling online, please email us at events@celebratemessiah.com.au