Making the Case for Messiah

Are We Living in the End of Days?

By Tony Pearce Because of the return of the Jewish people to Israel and the crisis in the Middle East, many people today are interested in what the Bible says about the Messiah and the end of days. In an article posted in the summer of 2002 on the Jewish website, Rabbi Wilson wrote, […]

No Peace, No Messiah

By Tony Pearce One day, I was deep in discussion with my Jewish friend when he exclaimed in an exasperated tone, “Your Jesus can’t be the Messiah, because there is no peace in the world!” I responded that Yeshua came the first time to provide atonement for our sins in fulfillment of Scripture’s prophecies of […]

What Does the Future Hold?

In one sense, there’s really no such thing as “the future”—since the moment we get there, it becomes the present! But when we imagine events that may come to pass and their impact upon us, we feel a little thrill of anticipation and even, if we are honest, some fear. The unknown is unnerving. Would […]

Is the Nation of Israel the Fulfillment of Isaiah 53?

Judaism teaches that Isaiah 53 is fulfilled in the suffering and survival of the nation of Israel, which bore the sins of the Gentile nations. Rashi, the great 11th century French rabbi, and other sages developed this response during the Middle Ages, when Jewish people were often persecuted for not believing in Jesus.This persecution is […]

Fulfilled Prophecy as an Evangelistic Tool

By Larry Rich God uses many ways to draw people to Himself through His Holy Spirit – and one of these ways is fulfilled prophecy. There are many prophecies in the Bible that already have been fulfilled. In this article, we will consider prophecies about the Messiah and prophecies about the nation of Israel. Resources […]

Is Modern Israel a Fulfillment of Prophecy?

By Mark Ellick Is modern-day Israel the fulfillment of prophecy? In this article we will consider and evaluate various positions and determine whether it is or not. A Closer Look at Replacement Theology What is “replacement theology”? This theology claims that because of the Jewish people’s disobedience and general rejection of Messiah, God has rejected […]

Seven Messianic Prophecies Fulfilled

God’s work through the history of the Jewish people is an integral part of His plan for all creation. This Bible study will strengthen your faith and could also serve to inspire your small group fellowship to pray for Chosen People Ministries’ staff members and volunteers as they carry out the Biblical mandate for Jewish […]

Israel’s Glorious Future: Redemption in Messiah

The Lord’s redeeming love is one of the great threads of the story of salvation that is set forth in the prophets. This love is not only for individuals, but also for the nations. And if it is true for the nations, it is certainly true for Israel! The story of Israel’s redemption is key […]