STEPping Out in Faith in New York City Brings Divine Appointments

An amazing thing happens every summer in New York City: Outdoor events such as movies and street fairs begin popping up all over the city, and tourists flock in to see the sights – from Central Park to the Apple Store and more. Vacation season has started, and it is the perfect time to STEP […]

How much do we believe in God?

Summer in the Cities

Summer is heating up – in more ways than one! Thousands of people are converging in New York City to see the many sites and wonders of this incredible place. In Los Angeles, the weather is getting warmer and people are seeking the beaches, cafes, and outdoor activities. These two cities have the highest Jewish […]

How do I share with my Jewish friends?

Whether I am in Wichita or Washington D.C., Miami or Minneapolis, London or Los Angeles – fellow believers always ask me what is the best way to share Yeshua with their Jewish friends. Frankly, I both love and loathe this question. I love it because it shows that the person is interested in sharing the […]

Jesus, the Gospel, and the Kingdom – Part 2

The Gospel (good news) of the kingdom – what is that? In Jesus, the Gospel, and the Kingdom – Part 1, we discussed the ancient and modern Jewish expectation of the kingdom promised by God. We left off with the question, “If Yeshua was preaching the Gospel of the kingdom before He had died or […]

Yankee Great Shares with Jewish People

Last week I showed up at the Yale Club in NYC at a ridiculously early hour, dressed like a perfect businessman for an outreach event titled, “Breakfast with Bobby Richardson.” Our guests and speakers were Bobby Richardson, who won numerous World Series with the Yankees; Brian Doyle, who also won a world series with the […]

Reflections on God’s Grace

Shalom! I love New York City during the holidays. Fifth Avenue is crowded with New Yorkers and tourists shopping, enjoying the sights and marveling at the magnificent Christmas tree towering over Rockefeller Center and the enormous Hanukkah menorah standing tall at the entrance of Central Park. Your missionaries to the Jewish people are busy handing […]

Reaching Jewish People Today

Chosen People Ministries Worldwide

Jesus, the Gospel, and the Kingdom – Part 1

When doing outreach on the streets, you have to think on your toes. Last summer, I organized evangelistic book tables in places such as Kings Highway in Brooklyn and Columbus Circle in Manhattan. Picture the scene: My team has set up a great-looking book table with all sorts of literature and brochures for people to […]