Faith and the Modern State of Israel


The nation of Israel has survived… again! Since 1948, this tiny bastion of hope and democracy has endured two full-scale wars with surrounding Arab states, incessant terrorist attacks, two wars on her northern borders and most recently, the conflict with Gaza. What is the key to Israel’s survival?

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Happy Hanukkah

happy hanukkah

I became a believer in March 1984. Later that year, I was faced with a challenge as a new Jewish follower of Yeshua/Jesus. My new Christian friends invited me to join them in celebrating Christmas. I wasn’t sure how I felt about Christmas, with all its cultural wrappings, but more than that, I was raised to believe that the idea of God becoming man was so very “un-Jewish!”…

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Inside Israel News Report December

Inside Israel

Read all the latest news:
Israeli soldier killed in Tel Aviv terrorist attack, five Iranian nuclear scientists found dead near Damascus, tensions run high in Jerusalem after Gaza War, and Jordan's Peace Treaty with Israel in jeopardy.

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Messianic Calendar

Messianic Calendar for 2014 to 2015

Keep up to date with the Jewish Festivals and weekly Torah readings. Be inspired by Carly Hennigan's photographs of Jerusalem and its environs, and be blessed by the Scriptures and the brief devotionals that accompany them.

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