Faith and the Modern State of Israel


The nation of Israel has survived… again! Since 1948, this tiny bastion of hope and democracy has endured two full-scale wars with surrounding Arab states, incessant terrorist attacks, two wars on her northern borders and most recently, the conflict with Gaza. What is the key to Israel’s survival?

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Simcha 2014


Registration for Simcha 2014 has opened! Don't miss out on this great Messianic Conference, with teachings from great speakers, including Scott Brown from Celebrate Messiah NZ.

Get tickets for the whole weekend, or part-time tickets are available for part of the conference.


Inside Israel News Report

Inside Israel

Read all the latest news:
Syrian plane shot down in Israeli air space, Iranians apprehended with fake passports and Israel sends team to African region affected by Ebola.


Messianic Calendar

Messianic Calendar for 2014 to 2015

Messianic Jewish Art Calendar just in time for the Jewish New Year! Be inspired by Carly Hennigan's photographs of Jerusalem and its environs, and be blessed by the Scriptures and the brief devotionals that accompany them.

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