Prayer Requests from Israel: Reports from Our Workers in the Field


Here are some prayer requests directly from Staff on the Ground, per Chosen People Ministries in the USA.  Not all the staff have time to send in their prayer requests, so please pray for the unspoken requests, too.  Please keep the staff in prayer as they are serving with all their strength and abilities.  Please pray for their safety and wholeness.


From D*

  1. For active soldiers, both female and male, believer and not yet believer:
    • Mark
    • Nathaniel,
    • Victor
    • Oriah
    • Elia,
    • Eitan 
    • Lana (F officer) who has lost 6 soldier friends. Pray for her, during her mourning process while she still needs to serve
    • Dina (F)
    • Ester (F)
    • Anat (F)
    • Daniel (M)
    • Erez (M)
    • Yafim (M)
    • Yoni (M)
    • Yosi (M)
    • Oziel (M officer)
    • Benni (M officer)
    • Michael (M)
    • Avi (M)
    • Matan (M)
    • Lev  (M)
    • Ofir (M)
    • Michael (M)
    • Gavriel (M)
    • Kenet (M)
    • Yotam (M)
    • Omer (M)
    • David (M)
    • Omer (M)
    • Benni (M)
    • Elya (M)
    • Tal (M)
    • Mark (M)
    • Natan (M)
    • David (M)
    • Nathaniel (M)
    • Korita (F)
    • Elad (M)
    • David (M)
    • Ariel (M)
    • Michal (F)
    • Nastia (F)
    • Yulia (F)
    • Odelia (F)
    • Zuriel (M)
    • Oriya (M)
    • Judi (F)
  2. A general prayer for all the warriors currently in the midst of battle, that God will grant them the strength to persevere, alertness, focus, and the ability to concentrate on their tasks. May God shield their hearts and minds from the hardships they have witnessed. Pray that God’s presence will be with them, providing peace, hope, and the reassurance of His protection. Please pray they can be a light for Jesus to others, in such dark times.
  3. Please pray for the spouses, mainly women, who are left at home while their husbands have been called up to serve.  Please pray for them as they take care of children who are also scared and confused.
  4. For soldiers, women, children, men, and elderly people who are missing and kidnapped to Gaza.
  5. For the government: Pray that God will bestow upon them wisdom. 
  6. Prayer for Northern Israel. Yesterday we had a few rockets, and there were no casualties. We have two factories here (in Haifa and Kiryot) that contain a lot of chemical substances. If they manage to hit the factories, there could be a significant explosion here, and many people could die. Please pray for us, for our soldiers, for our families.


From S*

Please pray for the men and women who have been called up from all the congregations throughout Israel. Many of them are pastors, elders, administrative and youth workers.  Pray for their families in their absence.


From R and L*

Please pray for the youth that are at home, worried for their friends and older siblings, that they would be comforted and not anxious.

Please pray for the newly inducted soldiers and parents who are facing worry and fears over their future in the IDF.


October 14 and 15, 2023
Photos and Videos:

Included in the photos are videos of rocket attacks over Petach Tikvah (3 rockets), and Ashkelon (Lots of rockets), where some of our staff are living; as well as, a video of our Staff in Ramat Gan running to the bomb shelter in the basement of their apartment building.


Field Report from L & R –


The pizzas distributed

We helped buy 20 pizzas for the base nearby. They just called in the order and the pizza place filled it, hoping someone would step in and pay.  Luda saw the soldiers arriving to pay for and pick up the pizza.  The soldiers were so happy and well fed!  (see attached photos).  We were able to share with them how the Lord is with us and will sustain us.  

Many all around the country are preparing food and sending it to bases.  To mobilize 360,000 people within a couple days creates many shortages.  We helped buy and prepare 10 chicken meals that were delivered to a local base.







Report from David T.

Day 8 – Shabbat Report: 


We devoted Shabbat to spiritual service for the people. Throughout the day, individuals came from various parts of Tel Aviv. During breakfast, we met Itzik, who works with a government minister and came specifically to connect with Isaac Uchiyama, the representative of CPM Japan. He wished to discuss some of the challenges the government faces in procuring essential supplies for IDF soldiers.


Victoria met with Yael, a young believer who expressed her eagerness to be baptized. After discussions, Victoria and Yael decided that Victoria would participate in several discipleship meetings with Yael over Zoom before her baptism. Please keep Yael in your prayers, that her faith may continue to grow, and that her baptism can occur in the near future.


Around 11:00 in the morning, we had to seek refuge in a bomb shelter due to a terrorist group initiating shelling in Tel Aviv.

For lunch, we welcomed Tamar and her two sons, aged 13 and 10, to our home. Although Tamar has not yet accepted Jesus as her Lord, she asked for our prayers due to the constant stress from the ongoing shelling. We also engaged in meaningful discussions about the Tanakh and the New Testament.

In the afternoon, Yaron, an officer from one of the IDF military units, arrived to pick up a box of socks and underwear for his soldiers. These items were what remained from last week’s supplies.


Another family invited us to dinner at their home. We were delighted to spend time with Sarah and their three children. As the evening continued, Sarah’s neighbors also joined us. We talked about God and how Israel needs His protection. We also shared our faith in Yeshua with them. It turned out to be a small home group. Please keep Tamar, Sarah, her neighbors, and children in your prayers for a miracle of salvation to take place in their lives – the most significant miracle anyone can experience.


As the day ends, we have returned home to rest and recharge for the days ahead.


October 12, 2023
PHOTOS and Videos:


A staff member in Jerusalem
On Saturday, October 7th, after arising from the bomb shelter and after recovering from the shock and trauma of the news of the horrifying attack in the south, we began to organize the purchase and delivery of food for reservists suddenly called to duty. We recruited friends in the north who were happy to volunteer and many joined them. Our deputy director Maxim began to help families relocate from and many opened their doors in Jerusalem to let them in. We helped find housing for one family who survived the tragedy in Sderot. We also helped foreign visitors to leave the country. Now we are taking sixty people and families out of Ashkelon for a spiritual retreat to recover from the constant rocket attacks.


We have ordered food for elderly people in the south. Other friends helped us purchase battery packs for soldiers and terror victims to charge their phones. Our phones have been ringing constantly with requests for help with food, shelter and plane tickets. It has protected us from watching the news too much, until the news breaks through. The son of some acquaintances was killed in battle and the daughter of others was shot by terrorists… and our old people, our holocaust survivors who we have loved-on for years were captured by terrorists… Hands fall, and tears shed …


I’m not a public person (for me this post is too big), I don’t like showing off. I don’t want others to see my weaknesses. I don’t want to post my photos in a bomb shelter, why show and prove something to someone…

I love Israel. I live in my own country! And I want this country to live.

Thank you all !!! For prayers, for help, for love of Israel!

And I ask everyone who wants, to pray for soldiers, for the citizens of our country, for unity, for Israel!!!


Praying for comfort for the families who lost loved ones!

Psalm 45 has stood for me today.

“The Lord is with us, the God of Jacob is our guardian. “


From David

Today, we took supplies to the bases up in the north. The army supplies most of what they need, but because 360,000 civilians were called into reserve duty with no notice, many didn’t pack what they needed. We bought t-shirts, underwear, socks and sleeping bags all according to what the base commanders asked for. As we drove up North, we met up with some friends, collected more supplies and traveled with three vehicles. We met an officer who I was in touch with and she helped us bring the right supplies to the right locations. It was great that the bases sent soldiers out to collect the items from us, since we are not allowed on the bases because of safety concerns. 

Another Day of Service

Today, we delivered supplies to the bases in the north. While the army provides most of their needs, the sudden call-up of 360,000 civilians meant many of them lacked essential items. In some areas, soldiers are on the front lines and can’t access daily necessities like showers. We purchased t-shirts, underwear, socks, and sleeping bags based on requests from base commanders. On our way north, we met friends who contributed more supplies, and we traveled with three vehicles.


As we approached the border, the atmosphere grew increasingly tense. The soldiers, many of them very young, had serious expressions. We saw numerous tanks and police in combat vehicles. When we reached the designated location, we connected with an officer. Soldiers from the bases came out to collect the items. They were very happy to receive them, and we conveyed that Christian friends of Israel are praying and supporting the Jewish state during this difficult time. Some soldiers shared stories about their children and wives back home.


The trip was stressful, but we are grateful for the opportunity to serve our people in this challenging time. Dear friends, thank you for your love and support.

Yesterday, David and I contacted many stores looking for ones that had stock. Nearly everyone we know from the age of 18 to 40 was called into military service to protect our country from a surprise war. We are in touch with them and they needed supplies on their bases, so we made calls. We finally found a store with a large warehouse and ordered supplies.  We picked them up and were about to deliver them, but the officer at the base told us not to come yesterday.  David took the supplies today, while I worked on making another order and organizing our team’s next efforts. We are doing what we can to serve. 

Today, we purchased 100 battery backs to be distributed to various soldiers, and we will collect more from a friend who will arrive with them from Japan that will go up North to the unit where a believer has requested them. We worked on ordering more supplies, however the stores had a backlog. One told me that they can send me the price for our order tomorrow or more likely Sunday.  Today, we worked on sending video encouragements to our community on our social media and I contacted a bunch of reservists who were called up to encourage them and get their prayer requests.

We have been in contact with our young adults group, encouraging them. We started a prayer request system. Five of our young adults have been called up to serve in the army. We are organizing a prayer meeting to pray for all of our friends and loved ones in dangerous locations.

Today was such a busy day . We took 60 people from Ashkelon to a Dead Sea Hotel. These are families with a lot of kids . It took 3 hours for them to drive here. There was a tank escorting  their bus out of the city. What surprised me was that more people came than we invited. The hotel was so full! People are sleeping on mattresses in the hallways. A lot of people came from the south. The staff of the hotel was so nice to us and gave us three additional rooms.  So, right now everyone has a room till Sunday. But many people don’t want to go back to Ashkelon. Can you blame them? Please pray for them! Also right now the entire city of Sderot was evacuated, and it is a very terrible situation! Please, a lot of prayers. Also, my friend from Jerusalem helped us to purchase 100 power banks and 70 flashlights for the IDF.