Corey and Sarah Bolton

Corey and Sarah Bolton / Melbourne

In 2019 God called our family to serve in Israel.

We learned so much about the culture, language and He gave us many beautiful friendships and opportunities to talk to about Yeshua (Jesus).

But after several years God has called us back to Australia to continue the next part of His exciting plan.

Every Israeli when they finish school must serve 2-3 years in the army. This can be a difficult and trying experience and for many it can be very traumatic.

Over time an interesting cultural phenomenon has developed in which these young Israelis take off around the world after their army service, almost as a right of passage. Some deliberately getting as far from Israel as they can.

Each year more than 75,000 soldiers are discharged after their service and approx 1/3 of them head to India and South-East Asia, to South America and many make it as far as Australia and New Zealand.

One of the most fruitful ways to meet Israelis and engage in Gospel conversations is by meeting them on the backpacker trail. And in New Zealand this has been done for many years now at the Zula Lodge, a ministry of Celebrate Messiah New Zealand.

Zula is Hebrew for a comfortable place. They offer accommodation and loving hospitality to backpackers as they travel. But for all the visitors coming to Australia, there is no such place for them to rest…until now!

Our family has joined Celebrate Messiah to establish a guest house in Apollo Bay, Victoria. The ZulaRoo Surf House offers Israeli backpackers a place to explore, experience and encounter the the Great Ocean Road, but most importantly, life in Yeshua.

We would love for you to partner with us through prayer and giving as we offer hospitality, hope and the Gospel message to the original messengers.

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