Updates from Israel: October 29 and 30, 2023


Here are some ministry updates directly from Staff on the Ground.  Not all the staff have time to send in their updates, so please pray for the amazing unspoken ministry as well.  Please keep the staff in prayer as they are serving with all their abilities and strength.  Please pray for their safety and wholeness.

Photos and Videos:

From Randall and Luda 

When the war first broke out, many volunteers wanted to help. Food parcels were packed, people delivered them to military bases and to Israelis who were evacuated.  Systems were not in place yet to feed hundreds of thousands of people.  Civilians donated their time and money for the war efforts.  As the war developed, the government started to produce the basic food and delivery.  


We have been able to take sandwiches and 300 hot meals to soldiers at a kibbutz in the Gaza area next to where the massacre had taken place. We spent time in prayer.  A couple days later we went to the Lebanon border with nutritious food. We were privileged to reach a unit on the very outskirts of the border area. The commander kept shaking my hand, and he said ‘you have no idea how much this means to our soldiers. Yes, we have food, but it’s tuna fish in a can. ‘Home cooking’ means so much for the soldiers.” Everyone was really grateful and we took time to pray.


While we were north, we didn’t hear any sirens and did not have to look for shelter, but we heard that right after we left certain areas, there were missile strikes. Much of the North is evacuated. Except, you can find parking lots full of cars at army bases by the reservists who suddenly drove North to reach their units.   In general, the whole North looks like a military zone.   Please pray for those stationed up North, that Hezbollah would not enter this war.



Mid morning, I received a call from my staff team mate to see if I could bring bottles of water to some soldiers near the Lebanese front. I called the contact person, Major E and he asked if I could bring about 120 liters of water. 

Straight off, I asked one of the elders in our congregation if he could help me purchase and deliver the water. As we approached the meeting point, we could clearly see clouds of artillery fire over the Lebanon border.

Major E, met us and gladly took the water and soda from us and immediately distributed it to the soldiers. I asked him about the smoke I saw and he said; “Don’t worry, it is ours”. I prayed with him for safety and courage for our soldiers. I was so encouraged that we were able to do something so concrete and requested and pray for this courageous Major.



We had prepared goodie bags of supplies for a couple of dear soldiers on reserve duty who attend our HaMercaz events.  They are our friends and we want to encourage people within our community.  We called **** to say that we had something for him.  A couple days later, on Friday late in the afternoon, we had a surprise knock on our door from ***** who suddenly had Shabbat off from duty.  He was on his way home to his mother’s apartment (for a soldier, there is nothing like home cooking, mom’s laundry and a clean bed).  He sat with us for a little while and we had a chance to pray for him and encourage him.  It is very important to take time outside of our tasks and projects to encourage individuals.  We said goodbye to **** and we were also filled up and ready for what the Lord has us do next.

Yesterday Jason went to Holon (south of Tel Aviv and receiver of daily barrages of rockets) and brought a couple of volunteers to a club for Holocaust Survivors.  There they packaged food for delivery with plans to distribute it to four cities of our network of Holocaust Survivor friends. We delivered these much-needed parcels of food for 5 hours.  Some of the Holocaust Survivors did not know that we are coming, so they were afraid to open the door.  Apparently, a lot of con-artists have been trying to fool Holocaust Survivors or elderly.  Once, we were able to confirm that they know our ministry and staff, they were very grateful to open their doors. A few of them, specifically mentioned how afraid they are. Most are from the former Soviet Union and don’t speak Hebrew well so they haven’t been able to receive proper updates and news. Please pray for these dear Holocaust Survivors, they have been through enough already.



In the midst of war, we still have individual requests for six dozen orders for Isaiah 53 Explained books in Hebrew.  Their addresses were from all over the country.  Please pray the books will arrive, people will read them and the eventual follow-up call and connection will go amazingly well!  (I might add, many also download the book, but the majority still want it in hard copy).


How can you pray for Israel now?  *Pray for the people you read about (above), that they would feel the Messiah’s love, care and comfort for them.*  

Please pray for:

  • Freedom for the hostages (224 people), which include women, babies and children, and the elderly.
  • Safety and wisdom for Israel’s Leaders and Commanders. 
  • Protection for the IDF soldiers, policemen and emergency services – especially as the ground operation in Gaza is moving forward.
  • There are close to 800 believing soldiers serving NOW in the IDF – pray they can be a light and a witness for Yeshua. (CPGM has four soldiers serving in their units.)
  • A clear plan for fighting Hamas in spite of the deadly tunnels and use of hospital rooftops to shoot rockets.
  • Positive exposure in the media, as propaganda and fake news is propelling anti-Zionism and Jew-hatred.
  • Safety for Jewish communities around the world especially as chants from large crowds cry for “Free Palestine” really meaning “Destroy Israel”.
  • The salvation of Jewish People and Arabs!!
  • Please pray for our staff who are working tirelessly, but with joy, to be able to minister to others and supply basic needs.
  • Please pray for the Body as it has incredibly come together in this time of crisis.  Please pray that the Enemy does not destroy.