Israel-Hamas War: What to Do and How to Pray


Things for Christians to do regarding the Israel-Hamas war:


  • Treat this with the seriousness it deserves. This is Israel’s 9/11, with some saying it is the largest loss of Jewish life in one day since the Holocaust. If we put the number of those killed into the population number of Australians, it is equivalent of 3,240 persons. This is a staggering number of people.
  • Reach out to your Jewish friends and express your condolences and concern for what they are going through. Ask if they have family or friends in Israel who have been affected. As a part of the Messianic movement, I have many friends and friends of friends who live in Israel and have had their lives turned upside down in this all began on the 7th of October. Your Jewish friends are likely the same.
  • Pray for the peace of Jerusalem (Psalm 122:6).
  • Remember the Christian responsibility to honour and protect the Jewish people, since they are elect and beloved by God for the sake of their forefathers Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (Romans 11:28, cf. Romans 11:5).
  • Remember that Gaza is under the jurisdiction of the terrorist group Hamas, whose charter is to destroy Israel, and who is funded by Iran, who hates Israel, the United States and Australia.
  • Remember that Israel has nearly 2 million Arab citizens with full voting rights. Israel is not fighting a racial war, but Hamas is.
  • Speak up against antisemitism in your spheres of influence. Jewish people around the globe tend to be targeted for bigotry, mockery, and violence during times like these. Stand for what is right.
  • Support the Celebrate Messiah War Relief Appeal 


More Detailed Prayer for Israel 


  1. Pray for a swift and just end to the ongoing war, that peace may be restored to the Holy Land of Israel and the entire Middle East. May God’s purposes alone prevail, and may strategies of terror and evil be thwarted.
  2. Pray for courage and strength to envelop the soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), along with wisdom for military leaders and government officials.
  3. Lift up your hearts in prayer for the protection and security of Israel, and for comfort to envelop all innocent civilians caught in the crossfire.
  4. Remember to pray for the Palestinians, acknowledging that many of them simply seek to live in peace and do not wish to be part of the Hamas regime.
  5. Beseech God for intercessors to rise up with supernatural discernment and insight during this crisis.
  6. Pray for wisdom to guide the actions of world governments, including Australia, as they respond to rapidly changing events, and for boldness to stand up against acts of terror.
  7. Ask for strength to sustain pastors and messianic leaders in Israel and around the world, that they may lead their people with fearless faith.
  8. Pray for the cessation of disturbing antisemitic displays and demonstrations in Australia and around the world.
  9. Pray for all people facing despair in this conflict to find hope, refuge, peace, and salvation in Yeshua the Messiah. Our hearts grieve for the suffering witnessed this week, and we acknowledge that war is highly divisive. As believers, we must earnestly seek to be guided by God’s Spirit, discern the times, and respond with love and grace.
  10. For God to pour out His Holy Spirit across Israel, bringing conviction of sin, righteousness, and judgment, leading to a wave of true repentance (John 16:8-11)
  11. For Israelis to see that the only place we can find true forgiveness and true protection is under the blood of the perfect Lamb, Yeshua, who was slain for us (John 1:29).
  12. For the people of Gaza to cry out to God, and that Yeshua would reveal Himself to them as He did to Hagar in her time of distress (Genesis 16, 21), so that many would come to salvation.
  13. That God, out of His great mercy – and though we don’t deserve it –would grant supernatural protection over Israel, the IDF soldiers, and all of those in Gaza not supporting terrorism (Psalm 121).
  14. That God will intervene and miraculously deliver the hostages (1Samuel 30:18-19).
  15. For comfort and healing for all of those mourning loss (Isaiah 40:1-2).
  16. That God will anoint and empower all of the believers in Israel, and especially the believing soldiers, to be a light to those around us and boldly and compassionately share the hope within us, the Gospel of Messiah (1 Peter 3:15).
  17. For our continued work in sharing the Gospel with Israelis and Jewish people all around the world – that many would hear the Good News and find the peace, joy, and new life that is available in Messiah (Matthew 11:28-30).