Delivering Aid and Hope: Stories from the 10th and 11th Days of War (David and Victoria)


David and Victoria are outreach workers with Chosen People Ministries. You can support their ministry in Israel here. You can help us support Israel during this wartime here.


Yesterday, on the 10th day of the war, we arrived in Moshav Sapir, located about 130 km north of Eilat, with humanitarian aid. The state transported 2,500 people from areas bordering Gaza to this small settlement. We discovered that they had a significant need for basic necessities. Additionally, we realized they required extra hands to assist. Since we arrived quite late, and the road back to Ramat Gan was under fire, we decided to stay in the area until the next day (the 11th day of the war) and continue providing assistance in any way possible early in the morning. In addition to the physical work, we engaged with people who had been on the front lines, offering support. Some of them asked for prayers (they all knew that we were Messianic believers).

One of the stories we heard was recounted by Moran and her two sons. They are from the city of Sderot, which was affected by actions from Hamas. Moran showed me a video of individuals heading toward her house. She said that she still couldn’t fathom the horrors because she witnessed firsthand what occurred in her own neighborhood. Moran expressed feeling like Anne Frank as she hid in her home for hours, praying they wouldn’t be discovered and harmed. Her eldest son, who is 9 years old, experienced such trauma that he stopped talking. Her eyes welled with tears when I informed her that many Christians worldwide are praying for and supporting Israel and the Jewish people.

Please keep Moran and her children in your prayers for spiritual healing and salvation. Upon our return home, Tel Aviv was under heavy fire from Hamas. Continue to pray for us, so we can at least get some rest tonight and be prepared for a new day of service tomorrow.

12th Day of the War

During these days, we visited soldiers in northern Israel, southern Israel, and police units in Jerusalem. We provided them with supplies and equipment, including underwear, socks, and thermal shirts. We also visited the camps of displaced people from the front line, bringing them groceries, daily necessities, and toys.

Today, we spent the day serving soldiers and special police units in Judea and Samaria. This is our first visit to this area of Israel during this war. One of the requests was for watches for soldiers in Judea and Samaria.

That’s what we did. In addition to socks, underwear, and other essentials, we purchased 50 Casio G-Shock watches. Soldiers and policemen were genuinely delighted to see us. We had a great time discussing prophecy, talked about Jesus, and mentioned to them that many believers in Jesus, the Jewish Messiah, love and support the Israeli People.

In one of the units we visited, there is a believer named Yeshai who was very pleased to see us and promised to continue our conversations about the issues we discussed during our visit.

These are challenging days for the people of Israel, but there’s a strong sense of unity, openness, and a desire to understand one another. Please pray that many of the soldiers we met today will eventually come to CPM’s evangelistic center in Ramat-Gan. Please pray that the seed that was sown will bear fruit for salvation