The Growing Messianic Movement

STEPping Out in Faith in New York City Brings Divine Appointments

An amazing thing happens every summer in New York City: Outdoor events such as movies and street fairs begin popping up all over the city, and tourists flock in to see the sights – from Central Park to the Apple Store and more. Vacation season has started, and it is the perfect time to STEP […]

Summer in the Cities

Summer is heating up – in more ways than one! Thousands of people are converging in New York City to see the many sites and wonders of this incredible place. In Los Angeles, the weather is getting warmer and people are seeking the beaches, cafes, and outdoor activities. These two cities have the highest Jewish […]

God’s Power Changed My Life

Shalom and Happy New Year! For almost a century, the prayer partners and supporters of Chosen People Ministries have received a January reminder of the imperative to bring the Gospel “to the Jew first…and also to the Gentile.” This is a phrase drawn from the wonderful and powerful passage penned by Paul in Romans 1:16, […]

The Isaiah 53 Campaign in New York City

Over the summer, Chosen People Ministries launched an unprecedented public outreach campaign in New York City The campaign centered on Isaiah chapter 53, encouraging people to call or go online to get a free book called Isaiah 53 Explained. So far, this campaign has resulted in more contacts with Jewish seekers than we have had […]

Moti’s Story

Remnant and Renewal: The New Russian Messianic Movement

A TREE OF LIFE GROWS IN BROOKLYN One important lesson that may be drawn from the history of world missions is that it is impossible to predict just how God will work. The Apostle Paul’s Macedonian vision of one man pleading for help eventually brought the Gospel to Europe. In other instances, the will of […]

Facts About the Jewish Community in New York City

• The Jewish community in New York City is still as important as ever and continues to be the largest concentration of Jewish people in the world! • There are 1,412,000 Jewish people in the eight counties that compose New York and its environs. To this, however, one may add over 350,000 Jewish people in […]