Ten Things Christians Can Learn From the High Holidays

By Olivier Melnick In each of the three Jewish High Holy Days – Rosh Hashanah (New Year), Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement) and Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles) – there are gems hidden by the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Beyond a yearly calendar of holy convocations, the Levitical Feasts (Leviticus 23) as a whole […]

Rosh Hashanah

The Growing Messianic Movement


Yom Kippur

No Peace, No Messiah

By Tony Pearce One day, I was deep in discussion with my Jewish friend when he exclaimed in an exasperated tone, “Your Jesus can’t be the Messiah, because there is no peace in the world!” I responded that Yeshua came the first time to provide atonement for our sins in fulfillment of Scripture’s prophecies of […]

What Does the Future Hold?

In one sense, there’s really no such thing as “the future”—since the moment we get there, it becomes the present! But when we imagine events that may come to pass and their impact upon us, we feel a little thrill of anticipation and even, if we are honest, some fear. The unknown is unnerving. Would […]

How much do we believe in God?

Jesus, the Gospel, and the Kingdom – Part 2

The Gospel (good news) of the kingdom – what is that? In Jesus, the Gospel, and the Kingdom – Part 1, we discussed the ancient and modern Jewish expectation of the kingdom promised by God. We left off with the question, “If Yeshua was preaching the Gospel of the kingdom before He had died or […]