An Iranian Jew Meets Jesus the Messiah

By Dariush Coming to Faith I was born in Tehran, Iran, in 1957. I grew up in a Jewish home, but only went to synagogue two or three times a year. At the time, Iran was a secular Muslim nation with a Jewish population of roughly 70,000 centered in Tehran. Though Iran was friendly to […]

Purim Around the World

Purim! Is there a more festive celebration in the entire Jewish world? No indeed! Purim is a foot-stomping, shouting, eating, singing, joking Jewish carnival for all ages. The Book of Esther provides the background and Jewish tradition has taken it from there. Throughout the world, Purim is celebrated in many ways, as Jewish people from many cultures have infused their festivities with their own particular local customs.

But along with the differences, there is a continuity that is solidly based in the Scripture and the story it tells of God’s deliverance through the bravery and obedience of His chosen servants.

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