Hanukkah Facts

The Cost of Deliverance

Yes, I Believe

By Klaudia When I was a little girl, about 70 years ago, I learned to love the Jewish traditions of my family – singing, praying, and celebrating the holidays. With Communism in power in Russia, however, Jewish traditions were forbidden. I spent most of my life without them, and, as I got older, I found […]

In Spite of Doubt

By Alan Shore It has been almost 30 years since I accepted the claim that Jesus is the Messiah, according to the Hebrew prophets. When I look back at that callow, unformed youth and ask, “How could you have made such an outrageous decision?” I am amazed not so much that I did it, but […]

The Story of the Seder Plate

Does your family keep heirlooms? No matter if you’re rich or poor, the chances are that somewhere, hidden in an attic or a drawer, there is an object from another generation that has somehow passed into your family’s possession. It could be a photograph. It could be a book. It could be a candlestick. From […]

Purim Around the World

Purim! Is there a more festive celebration in the entire Jewish world? No indeed! Purim is a foot-stomping, shouting, eating, singing, joking Jewish carnival for all ages. The Book of Esther provides the background and Jewish tradition has taken it from there. Throughout the world, Purim is celebrated in many ways, as Jewish people from many cultures have infused their festivities with their own particular local customs.

But along with the differences, there is a continuity that is solidly based in the Scripture and the story it tells of God’s deliverance through the bravery and obedience of His chosen servants.

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Witnessing Through the Passover

A number of persuasive items can be taken from the Passover that point directly to the life and ministry of Jesus the Messiah. God is faithful. The same God of creation who made His covenant with Abraham is faithful to guide His chosen people through history to their ultimate destination.