A Rabbi Takes Notice

Sukkot in Brooklyn

Hasidic Jews in Brooklyn

Reflections on God’s Grace

Shalom! I love New York City during the holidays. Fifth Avenue is crowded with New Yorkers and tourists shopping, enjoying the sights and marveling at the magnificent Christmas tree towering over Rockefeller Center and the enormous Hanukkah menorah standing tall at the entrance of Central Park. Your missionaries to the Jewish people are busy handing […]

U.S. Branches

Remnant and Renewal: The New Russian Messianic Movement

A TREE OF LIFE GROWS IN BROOKLYN One important lesson that may be drawn from the history of world missions is that it is impossible to predict just how God will work. The Apostle Paul’s Macedonian vision of one man pleading for help eventually brought the Gospel to Europe. In other instances, the will of […]