ZulaRoo Hosting Network

Share Yeshua’s Love through the ZulaRoo Network

Zula means “comfortable place” and the ZulaRoo Network seeks to provide hosts with opportunities to show hospitality to Israeli backpackers in Australia.

Each year 1000’s of Israeli backpackers visit Australia to explore our beautiful country and people. They are searching and spiritually open. Most have just finished their service in the IDF and are in their early 20’s. After their experience in th army, they love to travel and engage with new people, cultures, philopsophies and spirituality.

This is the ideal time for them to meet Christians and Messianic Jews who love Israel and the Jewish people, and who are willing to extend hospitality.

We have an amazing opportunity to show them love, and share the truth that Yeshua (Jesus) is the Messiah of Israel!

Become a Volunteer Host!

Would you like the opportunity to host Israeli backpackers in your home? We welcome you to apply by filling in the following application form.

Please note:  As part of your application we will also require a police check as well as a pastoral reference.