A Note from the President of Chosen People

Stories of Redemption

An Earthshaking Discovery

Testimonies: Iranian Jewish Believers

God’s Power Changed My Life

Shalom and Happy New Year! For almost a century, the prayer partners and supporters of Chosen People Ministries have received a January reminder of the imperative to bring the Gospel “to the Jew first…and also to the Gentile.” This is a phrase drawn from the wonderful and powerful passage penned by Paul in Romans 1:16, […]

Approaching the Living God

A Passion to Reach Jewish People

Moti’s Story

Putting the Dictates of God Before Those of Man: The Life of Carl Lutz

Little is known about Carl Lutz, a man who helped save the lives of thousands of Jews in Budapest during World War II. Lutz was born in Switzerland in 1895, but immigrated to the United States at the age of 18. He stayed in this nation for more than 20 years, studying at Central Wesleyan […]