Jesus and the Jewish People: A Look at History

Why don’t Jewish people believe in Jesus? From the earliest days of what was known as the Nazarene sect of Jewish believers through the later centuries of Christianity, the majority of Jewish people have denied the claims of the New Testament. While theological and cultural differences have contributed to a hardening of positions on both […]

The Jewish People of Latin America

Today, the Jews of Latin America reside mainly in Argentina (250,000) and Brazil (130,000). Where did they come from, and when did they arrive? The answers to these questions are to be found on another continent altogether: Europe. At the end of the fifteenth century, the Inquisition was in full force in Spain and Portugal. […]

The Forgotten Jews of Far East Russia

The Jewish people have a long history in the lands of the former Soviet Union, perhaps even to the end of the Babylonian Captivity (539 BC) and certainly to the period before Jesus. From the 12th century onward, the Russian Jewish community has played an important role in Jewish history. It has been a troubled […]

Jewish Population of the World

There are approximately between 13 and 14 million Jewish people in the world today. However, this figure is an educated guess. One reason for this lack of precision is that there is disagreement as to what constitutes Jewish identity.

Facts About the Jewish Community in New York City

• The Jewish community in New York City is still as important as ever and continues to be the largest concentration of Jewish people in the world! • There are 1,412,000 Jewish people in the eight counties that compose New York and its environs. To this, however, one may add over 350,000 Jewish people in […]

What Does It Mean to Be “Born Again”?

“You must be born again.” These words of Jesus, spoken in John 3:7, are so central to the evangelistic message of the Gospel that one can scarcely imagine a Gospel without them. Yet what do they mean to us? What would they have meant to Nicodemus, the teacher of Israel and a member of the […]

Yielding to Messiah

Rich Freeman, a Jewish believer in Messiah, came to faith in 1983 through the witness of his wife, Julia. When he told his father, Wally, about his faith decision, Wally was aghast. Born and raised in a secular Jewish home, Wally nonetheless had strong cultural connections with his Jewish heritage and culture. Serving in the […]

Presenting Messiah to Your Jewish Friend

Have you been wanting to tell your Jewish friend what Jesus means to you, but perhaps not known where to start? Then read this page, for a set of practical suggestions on how to present Messiah to your Jewish friend…

Our Ministry to the Church and to the Jewish People

By Dr. Rich Freeman Chosen People Ministries and the local church work hand in hand. Each has its role to play in winning Jewish people to Messiah, and each can do things the other cannot. In my many years of ministry, I have grown keenly aware of how much those of us in Jewish missions […]