Book Review: The Jewish Gospels

I’m Jewish… Now What?

SATISFYING A UNIQUE SPIRITUAL DILEMMA If most Jewish people today were to be completely honest, we might admit to being uncertain or even embarrassed at times by the idea that we are God’s chosen people. To think that God especially chooses any people as special or unique seems to be somewhat narrow-minded and arrogant when […]

Isaiah 53 and Atonement

Dear friend, Shalom from New York City! We enjoyed a fruitful season of ministry this summer. By God’s amazing grace, you helped purchase a new building in Brooklyn (we’ll tell you more about our renovation progress soon), conducted major outreaches in Israel and New York City and held a children’s camp on the West Coast. […]

Fathers in the Bible

For a patriarchal society that greatly valued tradition, family, legacies, and birthrights, the ancient Israelites had something of a spotty track record when it came to fatherly relationships. Yet it also seems that the picture the Bible paints of these (and many others) less-than-stellar-fathers is juxtaposed with the picture of God, the perfect Father.

Messianic Congregations and the Modern Messianic Movement

By David Sedaca Vice President of Chosen People Ministries President of the Union of Messianic Jewish Believers of America Over the past three decades, a new form of congregation has arisen on the scene: the Messianic Jewish congregation. A Messianic Jewish congregation is a New Testament church that is fashioned after traditional Jewish worship styles. […]

The Abrahamic Covenant

One can learn much about God’s character by studying His various names. One of these names is “the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.” Early in the Scriptures, we realize that God is a God of people – a God of relationships. This is one of the most reassuring aspects of our Creator. Another way […]

Did Jesus celebrate the Jewish holidays?

In order to fully understand the person of Jesus, we must realize that first and foremost Jesus was a Jew. This means that not only was he born into a Jewish family, but also that Jesus’ family was part of the Jewish people, a people that had the unique characteristic of knowing its special relationship […]

Why is it thought that Jewish followers of Jesus are no longer Jewish? Is this true?

By Ben Volman It is a widely-held misconception that a Jewish person who follows Yeshua as Messiah is no longer Jewish. This view has been mistakenly repeated both by Christians and Jews. But if well-known atheists such as Karl Marx and Sigmund Freud are still considered Jews, how could a dedicated Jewish follower of a […]

Did Jesus intentionally create a new religion?

By Daniel Nessim. – Chosen People Ministries U.K. If Yeshua (Jesus) intended to create a new religion, He went about it all wrong: He aroused the suspicion, and then the hostility, of the religious establishment. He picked an oddball assortment of disciples, deliberately allowed Himself to fall into harm’s way, left no writings of his […]