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Tikkun Olam Testimonies

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These are the Testimonies from Recipients and Volunteers

    "Over the past few years some families and individuals have benefited from the generosity of the Tikkun Olam Food Festival Hampers supplied by Peter on behalf of Tikkun Olam. We are at a stage where mutual trust has been established between us and Peter. Your choice of Peter as a representative for Tikkun Olam has been most beneficial as he is commited and most capable. I look forward to continue working with Peter for the benefit of the needy in the Jewish Community of Perth. May Hashem grant you good health, prosperity and satisfaction from your good deeds." 

     "When I gave the food hamper to the young guy in the Israeli beauty product shop, he kissed me on both cheeks and held both hands like I was his Mum. He beamed a huge smile and excitedly looked inside the bag."

     "Wait till I tell you the story about the new Jewish lady I met today whom I gave the Purim food hamper to. It is an amazing story how I made contact with her today and I made a friend indeed. She invited me into her home and we talked for 45 minutes and she really wants to come visit our congregation and talk more. She is in the midst of recovering from a protracted illness, which should have killed her, but God spared her for a wonderful life testimony. This little skeleton figure lady is an overcomer. Let us pray that she will become an overcomer in Messiah Yeshua."

     "The phone woke Marian at 2am; it was a friend from New York asking if she could visit a 95­ year ­old man in Melbourne. D, a Holocaust Survivor was now totally alone and had lost the desire to live. Marian kept her word. She visited D, brought him food, ran errands and prayed with him. D received an amazing answer to prayer, which he knows was an absolute miracle from Yeshua. One morning Marian prayed asking the Lord to send along some additional people who could also minister to D. That very afternoon Marian happened to meet one of our workers who told her about our Tikkun Olam ministry. She was absolutely thrilled. Within a few days, D received a visit and a food hamper from Tikkun Olam. D. and (his housekeeper who happened to be there at the time) was astounded at the love and kindness shown. Since then he has been visited several times and is now building some lasting friendships with our volunteers. We pray that D will come to personally know Yeshua, his Messiah."

     "I count it a privilege to be an ambassador for the distribution of food hampers to members of the Jewish Community on the Gold Coast provided by Tikkun Olam. My first opportunity to do so was at Sukkot in 2014. In the first instance, the food hampers were a complete surprise to the recipients, but now they look forward to my visits at Feast Times. Indeed it is a valuable means of making a meaningful connection and an opportunity to be a beacon for the "Good News" ­ albeit low key."

     "The food hampers and more importantly the "nefesh" the spirit with which they were given, gave me a moral boost when I most needed it. My Grandfather (Opa to me) Dr. Rabbi I. M., a scholar and teacher of students at the Leo Beck Rabbinical Seminary in London (one of his students N. L. a professor of theology and acknowledged by S.S. The Story Of The Jews - who would sit with other students in Opa's living room while I sat on his lap, and teach) always said: "That to be a Jew is to be an optimist."

     "I am fortunate enough to have recieved one of your beautiful Tikkun Olam Food Hampers from my sister, who recieved it from you. I would like to thank you for the beautiful hamper. It's not how it was packaged but the lovely thoughtful and appropriate gifts that were given in the food hamper. Being a single mother of four, I thank you for such a lovely Rosh Hashanna present. May you go from strength to strength in your continued endeavours to make the world a better place for all of us."

     "I found your email address on the hamper you left at my home with all the gifts for Shavuot. I would like to thank you for your generosity. D, is now at Greenwich Hospital because she had a stroke in April, before Passover. She was 3 weeks in the North Shore Hospital, and since 8 May, she is at Greenwich Hospital for rehabilitation. She will need to stay there 4 to 6 weeks more, depending on how far she will progress in her return to normality. At the moment, she is in a wheelchair during the day, but some days she feels too tired and asks to be put back in bed. She will be able to enjoy some of the items you included, like apple sauce, chocolate cake and jam biscuits. During the week I go twice a day to give her lunch and dinner, and in between I go to the city before returning. On the weekends, because there is not so much transport available, I usually stay there during the afternoon. Her sisters, brothers in law and nieces visit her often and she is very well treated by nurses and staff. Best wishes for a happy Shavuot and kindest regards to your family."

     "What a beautiful surprise I got tonight when I returned home. Thank you for our very large Shavuot hamper. We are all so grateful for it and it's such a wonderful help to us. With best wishes to all of you involved and many many grateful thanks."

     "Just arrived home aftera wonderful day of packing and delivering the Pesach food hampers.What precious people I have been able to spend time with today. May God bless the Pesach celebration on Thursday evening."


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