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Prayer walking around the perimeter of the main Jewish community in Melbourne,the Eruv, has again proved a powerful means of bringing unsaved Jewish people to the Lord. In the lead up to the High Holidays members of the Beit HaMashiach congregation walked in groups around the 33km boundary of the Eruv and prayed for people, homes, schools, businesses, synagogues and other places of worship. On the following Saturday, three new not-yet-believing Jewish people came to the Shabbat worship service, and one has since received Yeshua as his personal savior. Please pray for continuing strength and courage for Max* as well as for Vera* and Tanya* that they will have a full life-changing encounter with the Prince of Peace.


We praise God that planning approval has been successfully gained and now we are awaiting detailed plans for a building permit as well as the finalisation of a legal agreement. We are hoping to start demolition of part of the site next month so that it will be ready for rebuilding in the New Year. We're also negotiating on a temporary home for our congregational and other ministry activities. The target date for completion is in time for the High Holy Days in October 2016.


Jay took a small team to do outreach and prayer down in Melbourne's Jewish heartland of St Kilda. The Lord opened the door to talk with an Orthodox rabbi for more than an hour about the Messiah. It was a very open conversation as they shared with him from the Scriptures the prophecies of the Messiah. After the conversation, he gave Jay an Orthodox Jewish book to read. Jay and his team agreed to read it if he was willing to read the Brit Hadashah, the New Testament. He said he'd never read it before and was slightly hesitant, but then agreed to read one of the gospels. Please pray that the Spirit of God will open his eyes to the truth of Yeshua.


A group of Holocaust survivors joined Chosen People Ministries in Jerusalem for a special tour. They don't get out too often because of health and transportation issues so this trip was extra special. The first destination was Mount Zion and the room where Yeshua's disciples gathered for fellowship. They listened to the story about the last days of Yeshua's life and His crucifixion. After that, to the Garden Tomb, which was a perfect conclusion to talk about His time on earth and His impact on our lives. There was great fellowship during the trip and many questions were asked. Those who wanted one received a Bible and Isaiah 53 Explained. We hope that the words they heard about eternal life and Yeshua's resurrection will reassure each of them about God's love and forgiveness.


What a privilege it has been to create an atmosphere of friendship and trust with Dr H, a Holocaust Survivor in his 90s where he felt comfortable talking about his experiences and a deep friendship grew. He was given Mitch Glaser's book Isaiah 53 Explained, which he read and underlined, then the book The Last Jew in Rotterdam by Ernest Cassutto. He enjoyed both books but said he couldn't accept Yeshua's resurrection. After much prayer, he accepted a large print New Testament with the references and page numbers of the last couple of chapters of John and the beginning of Acts. Please pray for him.


Wanaka, New Zealand—home of the largest enclave of Israeli tourists in New Zealand. Thousands of young Israelis pour through this pristine parcel of Middle Earth every summer, making it the prime location for Jewish evangelism in the nation. Director Scott Brown says the dream at Celebrate Messiah NZ was to have an Israeli Backpacker in Wanaka, where Jewish-oriented Bible studies, evangelistic films and Jewish holiday/holy day celebrations would be woven into the fabric of the daily routine, and trained staff would be alert to evangelistic opportunities among guests. But the value of property in this popular resort town is so far beyond our purchasing power that the dream was, at best, unrealistic.

"Enter: GOD! Without a trace of human striving or manipulation, the Almighty has chosen to gift us with the perfect facility in the perfect location, where we will have the opportunity to minister to dozens of Israeli guests every night for seven months of the year."

"The Lord has even provided skilled, godly staff members, including young Israeli believers who will live at the lodge and share Good News (in Hebrew!) with thousands of Israeli peers. ZULA LODGE** is a dream-come-true, and is destined to contribute to Israel's salvation from the ends of the earth!"

** "Zula" is an Israeli term describing a place where close friends gather.

New Members Class in London Messianic Congregation

Daniel Nessim, who has labored patiently to plant a Messianic congregation in the Jewish section of London known as Golders Green, is pleased to begin his first set of New Member classes. He reports, "It is an exciting step, and people clapped when the announcement was made at our last meeting. We will soon be appointing our first leadership team. This is part of our goal, to help this Chosen People Ministries' congregation onto its own two feet and to empower every member to play their part in the body. We also will be able to renew our ministry's lease in Golders Green for another year or two. By working and living in the Jewish world we have good opportunities to talk to Jewish people on a regular basis, and we want to keep that up."

Messianic Ministry Expanding in Russia and Ukraine

Boris Goldin, based in Florida, is a Russian believer who sometimes returns to his country of birth as a missionary. Partly through his efforts, Chosen People Ministries is expanding in four new cities: Sevastopol and Rostov in Russia, and Kherson and Mariupol in Ukraine. There, we are seeing the formation of new Messianic congregations or small groups that want to work with us. Please pray for strong and healthy contacts with those new affiliates of the ministry. Also, through the support of ministry partner donations, Chosen People Ministries has been able to send financial resources to buy medicine and food for elderly Ukrainian Jewish people who have been unable to relocate during these difficult times.

Witnessing to Israelis with a Korean Accent

Did you know that Korean Christians have an especially warm heart for Jewish people and for Israel? Veteran staff member Doug P. now has the joy of training a group of Korean Christians about how to share the Gospel with Israelis! The group will be all ages...children, high school, college and adults. They are going to Israel in August for 10 days for the express purpose of sharing the Gospel. Doug is teaching them, especially the children, to sing Israel's national anthem. For training the adults, he is using the first two chapters of his book, How to Share Jesus in a Jewish Way, which has already been translated into Korean.

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