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Our Russian speaking ministry leader Rita has returned from another inspired mission trip to Far East. She conducted two Messianic Simchas (Family Camps) with the theme "Walking in the Light" (1 John 1:7). Eighty five people attended in Birobidzhan and about 87 people in Artyom, and on top of that a total of around 60 children. The children's program taught about Yeshua in the Feasts and the Fruits of the Spirit. The dear brothers and sisters in the Lord had an amazing time of worship, dancing and listening to the sermons. Rita preached nine sermons relying on God's inspired Word. "Altogether we had about nine people who were mikveh'd (baptised) in Yeshua's name. We witnessed an amazing outpouring of the Holy Spirit and many people had an encounter with the Lord," Rita triumphantly reported.

In a timely meeting, outreach worker Barry placed a copy of Isaiah 53 Explained into his hands. This came about by through the pastor of a local church attending a Passover banquet with his wife. After the banquet they purchased a book and wrote a personal message inside the first page. The book was returned to Barry with a name and business address. It so happened that the business was just around the corner from where he lived. “On meeting Joel*, we pretty much straight away got into a debate as to how one perceives things,” Barry said. “He graciously accepted the book and was very moved that his friends would think of and remember him.” Please pray that Joel will read the book and come to in to a personal relationship with Yeshua, our Jewish Messiah.

Miles 3Celebrate Messiah has a new support-raise missionary, Robert Miles, working in Canberra. Robert is a Messianic Pastor registered with the International Alliance of Messianic Congregations and Synagogues (IAMCS). He was sent out from Baruch HaShem Messianic Congregation in San Antonio, Texas where he had been an Elder and Chaverim (homegroup) leader. Robert is happily married to Eleanor, his wife of 13 years, and they have four beautiful children. Eleanor taught Hebrew at Baruch HaShem and led Davidic dance. She was a founding member and Hebrew teacher at MOEDIM Homeschool Co-op at Baruch HaShem. The family moved to Australia in 2013 and Robert and Elly established Hiney Yeshua Congregation, which merged in early 2015 with local messianic group Olive Tree Ministries, led faithfully for many years by Irwin and Jill Ross. Apart from the Word of God, and his family, Robert’s other passion is aviation. Robert is continuing his career as an aerospace mechanical engineer.


Our energetic ministry leader to the Russian speaking Dom Missi'ee Congregation, Rita, is over in Far East Russia leading a team to run two family camps modelled on our Simcha camps that we hold at Phillip Island each year. The camp in Birobidzhan was a huge triumph, and Rita was scheduled to do another in Artum a few days later. "We had an amazing time at Simcha. We had 75 people including 30 children. There was an amazing sense of God at work among the people. We experienced Yeshua's love and His shalom."

Rita was so excited to report that an aunt of one of our Israeli-based Jewish ministry workers accepted Yeshua at the camp. Simcha Is quite aptly the Hebrew word for 'a joyous occasion'.


Michael, our missionary in Sevastopol, Crimea, attends a Messianic Jewish congregation. Before the holiday of Purim, Michael received an appeal from the Jewish community of the city of Eupatoria for assistance in celebrating Purim. They said that there was an old synagogue in Eupatoria that has been long unused because there is no rabbi. But the Jewish community agreed to resume meeting and to celebrate Purim. Someone advised them to seek the assistance of Messianic Jews. Thus, they found Michael who gladly responded and helped with the Purim celebration.

The director of our work in Russia writes, "We try to use every opportunity to spread the Gospel to God's chosen people, and we couldn't miss this opportunity to bring the Good News to the Jews of Eupatoria. Michael organized the Purim celebration and this feast became the day of dedication of the synagogue. Michael openly spoke about his faith in Yeshua the Messiah and also about the changes in his life that occurred through faith in Yeshua. After the holiday, many Jewish people came and thanked him for the wonderful celebration of Purim." Please pray for Michael and the work in Crimea. Pray that our staff have more opportunities to share the Gospel with Jewish people.


Weekly fellowships at our Berlin congregation are "on a roll!" Three months ago our German leader, Vladimir Pikman, encouraged the congregation to begin meeting in weekly fellowship groups, and already there are more than 20 such communities. These small communities include two women's fellowships (one in German and one in Russian), two youth fellowships, two prayer fellowships, five Bible fellowships, two evangelistic fellowships, fellowships for women with little
children, an Israeli fellowship, and a fellowship at a Jewish retirement home. There is even a Persian Messianic community that is beginning to grow. Praise the Lord! Do you know a Jewish person who is interested in Jesus? Invite them to watch the testimonies found on our website:


The enormously successful visit by Dr Michael Brown to Australia promises to bear long lasting fruit. His visit to the Beit HaMashiach congregation, and the Celebrate Messiah conference and outreach events, had a significant impact on our community as well as on the wider body of believers. But what of the impact on Jewish not-yet believers? Well, we had a bumper crowd at the congregational service, with several new, Jewish visitors. Dr Brown challenged
Jewish people with scriptures that pointed to patriarchs Moses (Exodus 33) and Abraham (Gen 18) having discussions with God who appeared as a person. The point being that God incarnate is a Jewish concept and was not introduced by Christianity.

And at the Saturday night outreach, Dr Brown spoke of the Jewish idea that after the destruction of the Temple, the death of the righteous serves as an atonement for the sins of other men. There are many references to this concept in ancient Jewish writings. This presentation and the Q&A that followed was live streamed to Facebook, and it has received almost 5000 views.

Check it out on the Celebrate Messiah Facebook page.

Our Russian ministry leader Rita was at the nail salon and struck up a conversation with the elderly lady in the next chair. The lady, who shared the same Hebrew name as Rita, Rivkah, was not only a Holocaust survivor but also experienced the horrors of being on the famous Exodus 1947 ship, which carried thousands of Jewish ‘illegal immigrants’ from Europe to then Palestine, only to be cruelly deported by the British back to Germany. As the ladies shared, Rivkah said how she’d been feeling low in energy. Rita told her that belief in Messiah Yeshua was the way to peace and wellbeing. Miraculously, she agreed to being prayed for in Yeshua's name, and the next day contacted Rita to say how much better she felt.

Great opportunities for our partnering outreach workers in Israel to meet and share with young people through coffee house music nights. There’s a regular crowd, and staff have also been excited about getting to know some of the musicians, sharing the Gospel and seeing them when they come back with questions or comments on how interesting it is to think about spiritual things. Some say, “It could be that Jesus is the Messiah.” One of the young musicians, Dov*, is from a very secular Jewish home and didn’t learn much about the scriptures. As a teen, he decided there must be something more to why we’re here, and now he’s asking lots of good questions. Recently Dov was introduced to Israeli musicians who believe in Jesus. Please pray for Dov to come to know Jesus in a personal way.

*Names changed for privacy

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