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Hanukkah Quiz Answers

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1. How many candles are lit on Hanukkah, corresponding to the number of days the holidays is celebrated?

Answer: Eight

2. The days of Hanukkah remind us of the time it took to:

Answer: Cure new olive oil for the Menorah

3. Hanukkah is mentioned once in the Bible - please identify the passage:

Answer: John 10:22

4. During Hanukkah, it is a good idea to do the following with Jewish friends and family:

Answer: All of the above

5. There would be no Christmas without Hanukkah because (two are correct):


The Greeks tried to destroy the Jewish people and if they had been successful, Jesus the Messiah could not have been born

The prophecies surrounding the birth of the Jewish Messiah could not have been fulfilled if the Greeks had destroyed the Jewish genealogical records


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