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Ministering Messiah to the Terminally Ill PDF Print E-mail

Jewish believers whose loved ones are near death and do not yet know the Lord are burdened with the overriding concern for their salvation. The following points are offered for those who are ministering to the dying.

Messiah's Blessings in a Post-9/11 World PDF Print E-mail

In just one moment, the life of a city can be changed forever-and this was certainly the case in New York City after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. Although the hustle and bustle are back and people are shopping, going to the theater and exploring New York's famous museums, something has changed. There is an underlying melancholy - a silent plea for healing - that our Chosen People Ministries staff members come across again and again as we seek to share the Gospel of the Prince of Peace.

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