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Is it arrogant to claim that Jesus is the only way to be saved? PDF Print E-mail

Answering Jewish Objections to JesusBy Dr. Michael Brown

From Answering Jewish Objections to Jesus: Vol. 1 - General and Historical Objections

Objection 2.15 - "Christianity is just another great world religion, like Islam, Hinduism, or Buddhism. But it is certainly not the true Messianic faith and the only way to find God. In fact, I find it to be the height of arrogance that Jesus claimed to be the only way to the Father. This is small-minded conceit at its worst."

At first, it would seem to be the height of arrogance and intolerance to claim that people can come into right relationship with God only through Jesus. After all, there are sincere, moral, deity-fearing people in every religion of the world. Why must Christians think their religion alone is right? Why not follow the teachings of traditional Judaism that the righteous among every nation - not just Israel, or in this case, the church - have a place in the world to come?

Isaiah 53 Resources PDF Print E-mail

Isaiah 53Some of the most powerful prophecies about the Messiah were made by the Jewish prophet Isaiah, who lived in the eighth century BCE. It was a turbulent time in the history of Israel: the kingdom was divided, and wars and invasions abounded as alliances were made and broken.

In the midst of chaos, Isaiah paints an accurate picture of God’s plan for the future of Israel and the nations. He also describes the Messiah, the one whom God would send to change the world!

Take a moment to read the words of the prophet, and then consider how these predictions could possibly have been fulfilled by anyone other than that well-known Jewish carpenter from Israel, Yeshua the Messiah. If not him, then who else?

The Righteous Gentiles of Jewish Evangelism PDF Print E-mail

Does it take one Jewish person to lead another to faith in the Jewish Messiah? The answer may surprise you: "Certainly not!" As the number of Jewish believers has increased, it is true that many Jewish people do come to faith in Jesus through the witness of Jewish followers of Messiah. But the fact is that many others are led to Messiah through the witness of faithful  non-Jewish believers who have heeded the call of the Apostle Paul that the Gospel is "to the Jew first" (Romans 1:16).

These are the "Righteous Gentiles of Jewish Evangelism" who have faithfully followed the Lord's leading to reach out to Jewish people. Doug P., one of Chosen People Ministries' most experienced and committed evangelists, is such a person. Doug's heart for the Jewish people shines through his testimony:

What Does It Mean to Be "Born Again"? PDF Print E-mail

"You must be born again."

These words of Jesus, spoken in John 3:7, are so central to the evangelistic message of the Gospel that one can scarcely imagine a Gospel without them. Yet what do they mean to us? What would they have meant to Nicodemus, the teacher of Israel and a member of the Sanhedrin?

Yielding to Messiah PDF Print E-mail

Rich Freeman, a Jewish believer in Messiah, came to faith in 1983 through the witness of his wife, Julia. When he told his father, Wally, about his faith decision, Wally was aghast. Born and raised in a secular Jewish home, Wally nonetheless had strong cultural connections with his Jewish heritage and culture. Serving in the Navy in World War II, Wally had also experienced anti-Semitism first hand. He could well remember sailors who called him "Christ-killer" and said, "The Germans are doing us a favor."

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